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Dr R Balasubramaniam is the recipient of numerous State and National level Awards. As the Special Investigator, he has assisted the Lok Ayukta (the anti-corruption agency), Karnataka in investigating into issues of mal-administration and Corruption in the health sector and in the Public Distribution System. He was the Head and Visiting professor of the Vivekananda Chair of the University of Mysore twice. He has traveled widely within and outside the country promoting the concept of participatory sustainable development, which is contextually relevant and culturally appropriate. He is a Tata Scholar, a Mason Fellow of the Harvard Kennedy School and a Fellow at the Hauser Center for Civil Society, Harvard University. He teaches Leadership in reputed Universities both in India and abroad apart from running leadership workshops for corporates, non-profits and government agencies. Currently, he also serves as a Director on the Alumni Board of the Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University, USA.

He has authored 5 books and he also writes extensively about Swami Vivekananda and on Development Issues in local Kannada and English newspapers and in his blog at His latest book ‘I, the Citizen’ has been widely acclaimed around the world and the global edition of the same has been re-published by the Cornell University Press.


AREAS OF EXPERTISE Development & Governance:

Community based & Community led development; Regional Imbalances in Development; Inclusive Gth; Good Governance & Anti-corruption issues, Responsibility based development; Public private partnerships in the Social sector; Social innovation, Rural Social Business; Rehabilitation & Resettlement of Indigenous communities; Public Service Delivery, Social Accountability & Citizen Engagement; Human Rights issues; Performance Measurement of Public Agencies

Public policy: Policy formulation, Policy Analysis & Policy Advocacy; Health Policy; Social development policy; Citizen centric policy making;

Leadership & Management: Adaptive Leadership; Leadership in Multicultural Settings; Faith & Leadership, Leadership for the Social Sector, Leadership for Global Citizenship, Enlightened Leadership; Mindful Leadership, Leading Change

Health: Global Health; Health Systems Management; Hospital Administration; Health Governance; Strategic Planning of Health Care organizations

Non-profits: Governing, Leading and managing Non-profits; Brand & Identity building; Performance measurement & Evaluation

Higher Education: Study Abroad programs; Global Service learning; International Volunteering & internships


  • MPA, Master in Public Administration, Harvard University, John F Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge, USA; 2010
  • MPhil in Hospital and Health Systems Management, Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences; Pilani, Rajasthan, India; 2003; Distinction (CGPA 10/10)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Health & Family Welfare Management; National Institute of Health & Family Welfare, New Delhi; 2003
  • MBBS, Graduate in Medicine and Surgery (Government Medical College, Mysore); University of Mysore; 1987

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE NGO Sector: Founder & Former Chairman, Former President SVYM :

  • Founded SVYM in 1984 as a medical student and built it into one of India’s leading development organization. Acting as a key promoter-facilitator in the community’s efforts towards self-reliance and empowerment, SVYM is developing local, innovative and cost-effective solutions to sustain community driven progress. SVYM believes in the development paradigm of creating the human and social capital to build a resurgent India.
  • Has set up and operated projects pertaining to Preventive, Promotive and Curative Health care, Water and Sanitation, Behavioural Change Communication, Reproductive and Child Health and HIV-AIDS for marginalized rural and indigenous tribal communities.
  • Started schools and developed community-based education programs that reached out more than 50,000 rural children in different parts of Karnataka State. A strong advocate for the rights of indigenous people and has more than 3 decades of experience of working with them.
  • Conceived and operated an Integrated Development model for the local communities based on building human and social capital to ensure economic progress. Strong leadership skills have helped build a team of more than 600 people managing around 50 projects in the State of Karnataka, India.
  • Has initiated a community led movement for good governance using the Right to Information act (RTI). Walked more than 400 kms through 120 villages and trained and interacted with more than 200,000 people exhorting them to use the RTI act as a tool for development. Conceived and led a campaign called ‘Making Democracy Work’ to usher in Participatory Democracy at the Grassroots.
  • Founded two Community Based organizations for indigenous people and co-founded a Leadership Training Institute and an Institute of Indian Studies in Mysore ( &
  • Fought for the Rights of the Indigenous tribals by petitioning the National Human Rights Commission and ensured successful resolution
  • Conceived a project to build human, social and economic capital for urban poor living in the slums of Mysuru city
  • Conceived and led a 3-year strategy delivery process to make SVYM future ready in terms of talent, governance, sustainability, technology, communication and have a national presence.
  • Was the President & CEO of SVYM, 1984 to 2009,Non-executive Chairman from 2013-2014, & President, April 2015 – Sept 2017

Founder and Chairman, Grassroots Research And Advocacy Movement, Mysore, India :
  • Founded a Public Policy Research Institute & think-tank called Grassroots Research & Advocacy Movement (GRAAM) to undertake community-based research of public policy and advocate for change. Served as the Executive Director from January 2011 to March 2014; currently its Chairman.

Board Trustee, Karnataka Health Promotion Trust (, Bengaluru; July 2010 onwards Board Member & Trustee, Thirumalai Charitable Trust; 2008-2014 Truste Director and Member of the Executive Committee, Public Affairs Centre, Bangalore; October 2010 onwards e, Canara Financial Advisory Trust, Bangalore; July 2014 onwards.
  • A Trust established by the Canara Bank to promote financial literacy around the country. More info at
Government Sector: Nominated by the Government to participate in different State and National level policy making committees. Some of the key ones are: Member, Common Review Mission, Ministry of Panchayath Raj, Government of India, July 17 onwards
  • To review the devolution of funds under the constitutionally mandated Fourteenth Finance Commission and its effectiveness on the Panchayath system

Member, Governing Body, National Council of Research Institutes (NCRI), Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, March 2017 onwards
  • National Council of Rural Institutes strives to promote a resilient rural India through Higher Education interventions. NCRI designs, develops and promotes curriculum inputs for higher education programs offered by Universities and Autonomous Institutions in India.

Member, Governing Council, National Council of Research Institutes (NCRI), Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, March 2017 onwards Member, State Level Task Force on Elimination of Poverty, Government of Karnataka, May 2015
  • Committee constituted by the Government of Karnataka to define and determine poverty and poverty levels, develop indicators and suggest strategies, policies and programs to eliminate poverty in the state.

Member, State Level Steering Committee, State Human Development Report, August 2013 to July 2014
  • Committee constituted by the Government of Karnataka and headed by the Chief Secretary of the State. Mandated to conceive, plan, and bring out the first Human Development Report for the state of Karnataka

Member, Expert Committee on Traditional Folk healers, Government of Karnataka, April – August 2013
  • Expert Committee constituted by the Government to look into process of identifying, capacity building, accrediting and mainstreaming of traditional folk healers into the mainstream Health care system

Member, Advisory Board, Mysore City Corporation, Mysore
  • This is a group of Elders, Intellectuals and experts constituted by the local Government to advise the Commissioner, Corporation of the City of Mysore on various urban development and Governance initiatives. November 2012 - March 2013

Member, Task Force for Results Framework, Govt of Karnataka
  • This is a state government initiative to develop, oversee and advise development of Results Framework document for the departments of Health and Social services (includes the Women & Child Department and the Department of Social and Tribal Welfare) July 2012-June 2015

Member, Selection Committee, Ministry of Rural Development & Panchayath Raj, Government of Karnataka
  • Committee has been formulated under the Chairmanship of the Principal Secretary of the Ministry to appoint a Director of Social Audit for the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme of the Government; August 2012

Member, Mission Group for Health, Karnataka Knowledge Commission,
  • This is a state initiative to restructure the Health system of Karnataka and make it relevant to the present context. May 2012 – March 2013

Member, Steering Committee for the formation of the State Youth Policy, Government of Karnataka,
  • This Committee was constituted by the Government of Karnataka to draft the State Youth Policy in consultation with all stakeholders. May - September 2012

Member, Expert Group for Health, Planning Department, Government of Karnataka,
  • This committee is to monitor the quality of the Sector papers in the health department for the 12th Five-year plan of the State of Karnataka. 2012-2015

Member, Expert Group for Higher Education & Skill Development, Planning Department, Government of Karnataka,
  • This committee is to monitor the quality of the Sector papers in the departments of Higher Education for the 12th Five-year plan of the State of Karnataka. 2012-2015

Member, Expert Group Tourism and Hospitality Sector, Planning Department, Government of Karnataka,
  • This committee is to monitor the quality of the Sector papers in the department of Tourism for the 12th Five-year plan of the State of Karnataka. 2012-2015

Member, Vision 20-20, Government of Karnataka;
  • This is a Government led initiative headed by the Chief Minister to plan and strategize the development of the state and prepare a Vision document for the development of the state. September 2008 to March 2013

Member, Task Force on Tiger Conservation;
  • This is a state initiative headed by the Chief Minister to oversee the tiger conservation efforts in Karnataka. 2009-2012

Member, Working Group for School Education, Karnataka Knowledge Commission;
  • This is a state initiative to restructure the education system of Karnataka in and make it relevant to the present context. 2009-2012

Special Investigator/Vigilance Director, Karnataka Lok Ayukta, Government of Karnataka, Bangalore;
  • The Karnataka Lok Ayukta is the Government Agency to eliminate corruption and mal-administration in the Government. Responsible for investigating complaints of Mal-administration and corruption in the health and medical education sectors. Recently completed investigating issues of corruption in the Public Distribution System. September 2006-August 2011.

Member of the Syllabus committee of the National Curriculum Review Committee of the National Council of Education Research & Training (NCERT), New Delhi;
  • NCERT is an Autonomous Academic Body established by the Government of India to undertake Educational Research and Training. It is primarily responsible to develop Education policy, prepare the curriculum and syllabi for Primary and Secondary education in India. Responsible for preparing the curriculum on Health and Physical Education for the Country. 2006-07.

Expert member – Panel for the Mid-term appraisal of the 10th Plan, Planning Commission, Government of India;
  • The Planning Commission is Government of India’s highest planning body and prepares 5-year plans for India’s development. Responsible for reviewing the programs pertaining to Sports and Youth Affairs of India for the 10th plan (2002-2007); 2005-06.
Academic Sector: Visiting Professor, ILR School, Cornell University, USA, Fall 2017 onwards
  • Teach two ‘for-credit’ courses (Exercising Global Leadership for the Social Sector & An alternate paradigm of sustainable development)

Adjunct Faculty, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India, March 2017 onwards
  • Teach two ‘for-credit’ courses (Exercising Enlightened Leadership & An alternate paradigm of sustainable development) through the National Resource Centre for Value Education for Engineers (NRCVEE) at IIT-D

Adjunct Professor, University of Iowa, USA;
  • Adjunct Professor, International Programs, February 2011 onwards

Visiting Scholar-in-residence & Adjunct Faculty, Cornell University, USA; Faculty, Cornell Executive Management Program (CEMP), ILR School, Cornell University, USA
  • CEMP program is a joint program run by Cornell University and the Pearson Group for senior executives of Indian Corporates; 2015-2017

Guest Faculty, SDM Institute of Management Development, Mysore, 2011 onwards
  • Teach a for credit course titled ‘Leadership for Global Citizenship, Ongoing

Member, Expert Group, Rural Development & Panchayath Raj University, Government of Karnataka, July 2017 onwards
  • Expert Group constituted by this newly founded public university to create an application oriented academic content for the University.

Member, Expert Group, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Government of Karnataka, June 17 onwards
  • Expert body constituted by the University to design and develop Skill Labs for medical education

Frank H T Rhodes Professor of Cornell University, USA
  • The purpose of the professorship is to strengthen the undergraduate experience by bringing to the university individuals from every walk of life who represents excellence of achievement and to create opportunities for interaction with the undergraduate community. July 2012-June 2015

Guest Faculty, Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussorie, India
  • Delivered lectures on ‘Leadership for the Public Sector’ for Senior and entry level Civil Service Personnel of the Indian Administrative Services

Guest Faculty, Center for Innovations in the Public Sector (CIPS), Govt. of India, Hyderabad
  • Delivered lectures on Innovation, Leading Innovations in the Public Sector and other related topics

Member of the teaching team of Ron Heifetz, Harvard Kennedy School, USA
  • Course titled ‘Leadership on the line’, January 2014

Industrial Supervisor, Department of Civil & Environment Engineering, University of Windsor
  • Oversaw the work of a Graduate student, Ms Holly Lafontaine whose thesis was titled “Integrated Decision-Making Tool for Rural Irrigation Applications: A Case in Southern India”; Thesis defended in May 2012

Visiting Professor and Head, Swami Vivekananda Chair, University of Mysore;
  • Academic head of the chair attached to the Department of Philosophy, role involves delivering lectures on Swami Vivekananda, guiding research students and in organizing seminars. January 2007 to January 2008. March 2014 to March 2015

Member, Internal Quality Assurance committee, University of Mysore, Mysore, India
  • Committee of the University headed by the Vice-Chancellor mandated to advise the University on setting up and maintaining Quality standards for the entire university. March 2014 onwards

Member of the Board of Studies of the University of Mysore for the Masters in Social Work course.
  • Responsible for preparing the course content of the program. 2007-2009.

Teaching Assistant, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University, USA
  • Assisted Prof Dean Williams in teaching the course ‘Leadership in a Multicultural and International setting’. Spring semester 2010

Advisor, Editorial Committee, Journal of International Health Management;
  • Role includes overseeing of the Editorial policy and reviewing articles to be published. 2006-2010.

Guest Faculty, Administrative Training Institute of Karnataka
  • An institute of Government of India located at Mysore. Training Senior Civil Services Officers in the Government in issues related to development; 1998 onwards.

Guest Faculty, Postal Training Institute, Mysore
  • An Institute of the Government of India located at Mysore. Training Personnel of the Department of Posts; 2011 onwards. Regularly lecture on ‘Ethics in Public Service’

Guest Faculty, Abdul Naseer Saab State Institute of Rural Development
  • An institute of Government of Karnataka located at Mysore. Training Career Bureaucrats and civil services officers in the Government Sector, grass root level functionaries of elected bodies, and staff of Government, in issues related to Development; 1995 onwards.
International Bodies: Director, Alumni Board of the Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University, USA; July 2016 to June 2020 Short Term Consultant, The World Bank, Washington DC, USA;
  • Provide Leadership coaching and training support to the senior leadership team of the Ministry of Petroleum, Egypt to prepare them for the Modernization program and ongoing Sector Restructuring process.

Reviewer, United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF) for the Fulbright-Nehru fellowships, July 2017
  • Review Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowships: These pre-doctoral level research fellowships, for six to nine months, are designed for scholars who are registered for a Ph.D. at an Indian institution, to pursue pre-doctoral research in the U.S.
  • Review Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Fellowships: These fellowships, for four to nine months, aim to provide Indian faculty, researchers, and professionals residing in India the opportunity to teach, conduct research, or carry out a combination of lecturing and research at a U.S. institution.

Member, Working Group: Partnership Convening, Engaged Cornell, Cornell University, USA
  • Develop and promote effective principles, best practices, and strategies for community partnerships.
  • Recognize and celebrate the partnerships of Engaged Cornell.
  • Conduct continuous dissemination, research and assessment of the community engagement processes and impacts of Engaged Cornell.

Advisor CEMP program, Cornell University, USA
  • Advise on academic and other issues related to the Cornell Executive Management Program.

Technical reviewer, World Bank, Washington DC, April 2013 onwards
  • Technical Reviewer for the Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) projects submitted to the World Bank from different countries in the South Asian, Southeast Asian and African regions.

Member, External review team for Cornell University’s new activities in public engagement and service learning. October-December 2012. The key responsibilities included
  • Reviewing the broad landscape of public engagement and service learning at Cornell University. Identifying leverage points and barriers to the Engaged Cornell initiative in Cornell’s institutional context.
  • Evaluate the position, mission, goals and strategies of the Engaged Cornell Initiative to date.
  • Review the job description and activities of the Provost’s Fellow for Public Engagement and of the Director of Engaged Learning + Research.

Member, Task Force of UNAIDS for the Evaluation of the Global Fund for Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria for India;
  • Member of the team to review and evaluate the implementation of the program over the previous 5 years in India. 2007

Short Term Consultant, The World Bank, New Delhi, India;
  • As member of the task team for Vector Borne Disease Control of the World Bank, New Delhi was responsible for providing inputs related to Public Private Partnership, Behavioural Change Communication and Good Governance practices. July 2006 - November 2007

Consultant, Child Labour project, Norwegian Development Agency, India
  • Evaluated the on-going program of support from NORAD to the National Child Labour program and made strategic recommendations to make the schools child friendly. 2001-2002

Consultant, IFES, India
  • Evaluated the USAID funded Community based rehabilitation program for mitigating gender related violence against women and trained NGOs in community led-rights based development processes. 2007-2008
  • Leadership for the NGO sector with Focus on “Women in Leadership”, February 2011
Others: Leadership Trainer and Coach
  • Conducts regular Leadership workshops titled ‘Enlightened Leadership’ for Corporates, NGOS and Government officials both in India and Abroad; Conducts workshops titled ‘Leadership for Global Citizenship’ for undergrad and graduate University students. More information at
  • Leadership coach to H.E. Tarak El-Molla, Hon’ble Minister for Petroleum, Govt of Egypt, January 2018 onwards


  • Mason Fellow in Public Policy & Management, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University, USA 2009-2010
  • Mid-Career Fellow (Humanitarian & Development Domain), Hauser Centre for Civil Society, Harvard University, USA 2009-2010
  • TATA Scholar, JN Tata Endowment, India 2009
  • External Faculty Affiliate, Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy, Cornell University, USA, 2013 onwards


  • Indian Medical Association
  • Association of Rural Surgeons of India


  • Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Mysore on the occasion of the Centenary year of the university, February 2016
  • Swasthya Seva Ratna Award, from the Society for Indian Medical Anthropology for outstanding medical service to indigenous tribal communities, May 2014
  • Vinayasri award for Social Service, Vinayasri Foundation, Bangalore, March 2014
  • Vivekananda Award for Human Excellence, from the Ramakrishna Mission, Coimbatore, India, January 2014
  • Basava Sri Award from the Sharana Mandali, for Social Service, June 2012
  • Ahimsa Award from the Bhagawan Mahaveer Trust, for Social Service, April 2012
  • India Pride Award from the Dainik Bhaskar Group for contribution to Social Development, 2011
  • Manavrathna Award from the Rotary Club of Mysore West for Outstanding Social service, 2011
  • The JAYENDRA SARASWATHI AWARD for Lifetime contribution to Social Work from the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, Kanchipuram, 2003
  • The award for OUTSTANDING SOCIAL SERVICE from the Girinagar Association, Bangalore, 2003
  • The LOKA KALYAN AWARD for outstanding service in the field of Rural Health care from the International Gita Foundation Trust, Bangalore, 2003
  • MADE GOWDA AWARD, 2002 for social service by the Made Gowda Association of
  • ROTARY RAMYA AWARD, for Social Service, 2001 from the Rotary Club of Mysore.
  • FOR THE SAKE OF HONOUR AWARD, by the Rotary Club of Bangalore Cantonment, 2000
  • PAUL HARRIS FELLOW, awarded by Rotary Foundation of Rotary International for contribution in social service. 2000
  • STATE YOUTH AWARD, Awarded by the Government of Karnataka, 1988


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  1. Authored a chapter on School health in India, School Health in India, Sage Publications, 2007
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  1. Balasubramaniam, Mamatha M. R.,2003, Making Education a People’s Movement, Alternatives for Education Conference (organized by Asha for Education, USA)


Made over 500 presentations/Lectures in Universities, Government & Corporate meetings, National & International Conferences, Social organisations and other seminars & workshops over the last decade around the world. Some significant subjects spoken about in the years

2016-18 are:
  • Building India’s Human & Social Capital
  • A development Vision for India
  • Entitlements approach to Development
  • Right to Information; a Community driver & tool for development
  • Right to Information and Good Governance
  • Ethics in Public Service
  • Youth & Social Service
  • Swami Vivekananda and Nation Building
  • Leadership message of Swami Vivekananda
  • Community Driven Development,
  • Public Private Partnerships in Rural Development,
  • Strategic Visioning,
  • Social Audit and Rural Development,
  • Social Accountability & Citizen Engagement
  • Building a Resurgent India
  • Inclusive Gth
  • Performance Measurement of Public Agencies
  • Tribal Rehabilitation,
  • Social Entrepreneurship,
  • India and her Development,
  • Do NGOs need to build their Brand images?
  • Enlightened Leadership,
  • Exercising Inspirational Leadership
  • The Role of Youth in Nation Building,
  • Role of Medical Professionals in Humanitarian and Development programs
  • Public heath
  • Making Democracy work
  • India’s Development Agenda – Dilemmas and Challenges
  • Making the fight against Corruption a ‘community movement’
  • Corruption & Development
  • Measuring Human Development
  • Making Democracy Work
Presentations and Lectures between 2012-2018 were made in Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wellesley College, University of Florida, University of Iowa, University of Mount Allison, University of Minnesota, Cornell University, Colgate University, Allegheny College, Seattle University, University of South Florida, UC-Berkeley, University of Mysore, Postal Training Center, Administrative Training Institute, Various Clubs and Societies, Indian Institute of Science, Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Science Education & Research, Indian Institute for Management, National Law School University of India, Azim Premji University, Confederation of Indian Industry, Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama, World Bank and other organizations both in India and Abroad.


Written a book titled ‘I, the Citizen’ in English Written a book on Corruption in Kannada; Written a chapter titled ‘Public Services, Citizen Engagement And Social Accountability’ in the book ‘Fighting Corruption: The Way Forward’; Published by Academic Foundation Written a Chapter titled ‘Swami Vivekananda: The Benefactor of the Masses’, in the book ‘Swami Vivekananda – New Perspectives: An Anthology on Swami Vivekananda’. Published by the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata, India. Used to writes a popular fortnightly column in Kannada titled ‘HosaKanasu’ (New Dreams) and ‘Naanu Kanda Vivekananda’ (Vivekananda as I See him) in PrajaVani, Karnataka’s largest circulating Kannada newspaper Written a book titled ‘Swami Vivekananda as I see him’ both in Kannada and English Written a book on Development issues titled ‘Hosa Kanansu’ in Kannada Written a Chapter titled ‘Swami Vivekananda: The Prophet of Service’, in the book ‘Swami Vivekananda – The Charm of His Personality and Message’. Published by the Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai, India. Wrote a fortnightly column on Public affairs, Politics and Development titled ‘Voices from the Grassroots’ in ‘Star of Mysore’, a popular local English daily in Mysuru district in Karnataka. Wrote a weekly column ‘As I see him’ in City Today, an English eveninger of Mysore City. Writes regularly in local newspapers in both English & Kannada in local and state level newspapers Reviewed journal articles for the Journal of International Health Management, 2007 onwards Review of the book Reaching the Poor with Health, Nutrition, and Population Services, by Davidson R Gwatkin and others, Published by The World Bank; for the Journal of International Health Management, 2006 Regular blogging at on experiences and thoughts on development.  

Languages:English, Kannada, Hindi (Read, Speak and Write) Tamil (Speak, Read) Hobbies:Reading books related to Management, Leadership and Development; Listening to Classical Indian Music; Public speaking, Trekking and going on Nature walks, Blogging on development issues  


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